Useful Resources

Without any doubt, it is not easy to choose a topic for your paper or an essay. Another obstacle is proofreading and editing. Yet we assure you it isn’t insurmountable. If you put into practice the knowledge you receive with the help of the material provided below, you can cope with any task. No sweat.

Our list of useful sources:

  1. Unexpected editing tips from Everything is explained in a quite simple and an easy-to-understand manner.
  2. is a huge base to check the correct usage of abbreviations, acronyms or initialisms.
  3. Grammarly is a powerful tool to proofread and edit your manuscript.
  4. The Writing Center gives a few tips to easily revise a paper.
  5. gives you an opportunity to draw inspiration from an endless number of quotes.
  6. Ginger claims you can proofread your sentence in a click.
  7. is a database to check your ZIP codes, business and educational data.
  8. Reverso checks spelling, grammar and even helps to conjugate the verbs.
  9. After the Deadline is another great tool to polish a parer.
  10. Paper Rater offers grammar and plagiarism check. It also gives writing suggestions to help you improve your writing.
  11. helps to convert kilograms to pounds or any other unit and evaluate arithmetic expressions.
  12. Oxford Royale Academy suggests essential tricks to improve your essay.
  13. is a large directory where you can find any info – from maps and books, to law resources and world records.
  14. WikiHow has also a simple method to proofread your writing.
  15. provides explanations with usage examples.
  16. SpellCheck offers  spelling, grammar and Thesaurus check.
  17. is the best way out when you lack words.