Useful Examples of Bibliography in MLA Style

It is important to know bibliography in MLA style to have a guide. If you are in the process of writing your bibliography and you do not know what to do, here are some useful examples that can help you in writing and MLA formatting.

MLA Bibliography Style Examples

Works cited bibliography or references:

  • Smith, Charles. : Furious.” Mail and Globe (Canada) 3 may 2011: A2+.
  • “Tip for beginner: Presenting Style.” Tips for Webmaster. June 2011. NetMachanic. 14 July. 2012 http://www.
  • Collins, John M.L., and Skover David. Trials: Fall and Rise. Napervilled, IL: Books,2003.
  • Suff, Luis. “Place to Heal.” News 13 Jan. 2004: C4.
  • “E-money. “ Weekly (Tokyo) 23 Jan.2002: 5.
  • Gord, Mike D. “ Vodka Science.” Letter. New York 14 Jan. 2004: 8.

References for Books

  • Book of single author: Smith, Bernard D. Ethics and Science. Chicago: Cambridge University, 2007. Print.
  • Book of two authors: Smith, Chris, and Gary Pritz. Invisible: Information Sources. New Jersey: Books, 2002. Print.
  • Book by 3 or more: Goodpaster, John D., Lena D. Nimb, and Jake de Bett. Ethics for Business: Persons and Policies. 2nd ed. Japan: Irwin, 2007. Print.

Articles from Print Periodicals

For MLA bibliography style, it is important to know essential elements such as the complete name of the author, article title, publication title in italics, volume and the issue number, publication date, page numbers and medium of publication.

  • Monthly magazine article: Sedin, John G,. “Babies: Eugenics Race?” Futurist June/July 2007: 19-30. Print.
  • Weekly magazine article: Will, John S. : War.” Newsweek 7 July 2005: 65. Print.
  • Book review: Rifth, Dane. “ Vows.” Rev. of Mermaid Chair by Monk Kidd. New York Post 11 Apr. 2006, 7th ed.: T7. Print.


For electronic source, there are essential elements in MLA reference style that you should know which include information of publication, database name, publication medium and date accessed.

  • Magazine article from online database: Pep, Mark. “ Hive.” Monthly Atlantic Oct.2007: 87-90. We. 16 Nov. 2009.
  • Journal article from online database: Cross, Lews K. “Nerds: Evolving Students with Talents and Gifts.” Child Today 29. 5 (2006): 56-57. Professional Development. Web. 9 Dec. 2009.

Knowing MLA style bibliography format is important, but if you do not know about it, you need to start learning the basics today!