MLA Reference Style: How to Use It Correctly

Correctly using of MLA reference style is important. A single mistake in your reference will ruin your paper that is why you need to know how you can write the best reference for your paper. Read this for more information about MLA reference format.

MLA Reference Style

General guidelines:

  • Type the information on standard form
  • Double space the text and it is suggested to use legible font like Arial or Times New Roman
  • Leave one space after a period
  • Set one inch margins for all sides
  • Indent 1st line of paragraphs ½ from left margin
  • Make a header for all pages
  • Use italics in your paper for titles

Basic rules:

  • Start your reference page in a separate paper. It must have same margins just like the others. You need to have one inch margins on all sides
  • Label your references ad center all the words on top of the paper
  • For citations, double space it and don’t skip spaces
  • List the page numbers of your sources efficiently

Additional Basic Rules for MLA

  • For each entry, you need to determine the publication medium such as the web. Some are web sources, but CD-ROM, DVD or film can be included
  • You no longer need to give URLS for site entries, but if your professor insists on it, then you need to include with the use of angle brackets after your entry and end it with period.
  • If you are citing publication or an article that issued in the form of print but have data online, you need to type the database name using italics. It is not important to give subscription details to database name.

Punctuation and Capitalization: For Chicago MLA style references, you need to capitalize every word in titles or books, articles and others. You should not capitalize articles, conjunctions or prepositions.

It is hard to understand MLA style of referencing, but when you understand the process, you will never go wrong. Whenever you have a hard time in writing your reference, check out some tips so that you get some ideas on what to do. Lastly, be sure to follow the correct format in writing MLA reference.