Main Tips on Writing Bibliography in MLA Format

Knowing bibliography in MLA format will help you a lot to avoid mistakes and to submit a high quality of thesis paper. If you want to know more information about formatting MLA, this page will help you with what you need to know.

Bibliography in MLA Format


Works listed must start at end of your paper in new page. In writing, you need to alphabetize your entries by listing the last name of the author with the use of letter-by-letter software. If the name of the author is not stated, alphabetize it by title but ignore “an, the or a”.

When it comes to dates, it is important to spell out the months in your paper. On the other hand, you can abbreviate it when you write them in your works cited page, except for the months of May, June as well as July. You need to add comma when you are done in writing the year.

Italics or Underlining?

For typewritten reports, the publications are being underlined because writers have no way in italicizing them. In writing bibliography, it is important that you stick to MLA reference format and underline the publications names even though you are writing it by hand. However, if you are typing it in your computer, you need to italics it. Be sure to talk to your professor about the preference if it will be underlined or italics.

Hanging Indentation

For MLA citations, you need to use the hanging indents. The first line of your paper must be on the left, and for the subsequent lines, it must be indented half.

Abbreviation, Punctuation and Capitalization

It is important to capitalize first words in writing MLA format for bibliography. You also need to capitalize principal words and last words. You can use abbreviations for lowercase in identifying some part of the work. When it comes to publisher’s name, you need to use the right abbreviated forms.

There you go the important things that you need to know in writing bibliography format MLA. You need to make sure that you are doing the right thing and you can do this by following the guidelines in writing MLA thesis.