Good Practice on Writing Title Page in MLA Format

Writing is good when you know what you will write, but it becomes stressful when you do not have any ideas on what you will need to do. If you want to know more tips in writing title page in MLA format, you are lucky because this page will tell what you should do.

Tips in Writing Title Page in MLA Format

Write the title: The title must need to follow normal capitalization standards wherein the first letter of every word should be capitalized, but there is exemption with short words like prepositions or articles such as and, the, or, of, in, an, for and to. Be sure to keep in mind that each first word of your tile must be capitalized.

Don’t punctuate the title: Your title does not need to have quotation marks and it must not be underlined and italics. On the other hand, if you have a quotation or reference that is longer, it must be punctuated correctly. For example, “ You and Me:” Analysis of You that contains a quote while Analysis or ME contain play title, it must be italicized.

  • Leave two to three lines before you write your name. It is essential to include your first, as well as your last name
  • Leave two to three lines
  • Write your class or course information. You can include your section number and the course name.
  • Write the name of your instructor on next time. Make sure that you will include appropriate title, especially if your professor has doctorate. For instance, Dr. Charles Ruffel or Dr. Ruffel.
  • Write the date on next line. When it comes to MLA format, it must use European style wherein you need to write the day, the month and the year. For example, 2 May 2015.

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Formatting Cover Page MLA

When it comes to title page for MLA, use double space and should be centered. Write the college or university name, skip 1/3 of page and write the title of your research paper including the subtitle. For you MLA formatting skip numerous lines and write your name, course as well as number. You also need to write the name of your instructor and the due date.

Knowing how to write MLA format for title page is important, and when you learn about the things to do, start writing now!

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