APA or MLA Format? Let’s Learn the Main Differences

Learning the difference between APA or MLA format is important. If you want to know the differences and the similarities of these two citation styles, this page will present what you want to know.

Similarities and Differences of MLA or APA Format

Typically, the MLA reference format is being used in Humanities such as Art, English or Theatre. The paper must be in double spaced just like the references. Citations have hanging indents. The APA format is used in social sciences such as social work, sociology and psychology. All details in your paper should have works cited or reference page. The bibliography in MLA style is written with the last name and first name of the author. For example, Smith, Charles.

For any details that you do not own, you should cite it correctly. If the name of the author is listed, it is important to place page numbers at the end. For example, According to Smith, Charles, crafting centers are excellent” (34). You also need to use parenthetical citations within your paper like (Bird, 2014) or 9Bird, 2015). Another thing is that when a source is cited and the name of the author is included, year and published material. You need to write it like this, (Smith, Charles (2011) believes that writing is excellent.)

For source that is cited, but the name of the author is not listed, you need to include the last name of the author as well as the page number. For example (Writing is excellent (Smith 22). When details are cited and the name of the author is not listed, write the last name of the author, the year that the document was published. For example: (Writing is excellent (Smith, 2010).

There you go the things you need to know about APA MLA format. It is important that you know the differences of the two so that you will avoid mistakes. If you want to impress your professor, make sure that you follow the guidelines in writing APA and MLA format. Start to do your task today while you have enough time so that you can still time to read again and edit.